Specialized 3 Mad Not Cancer

Specialized 2014 - 'Mad Not Cancer' a tribute to Madness

A 4 disc CD boxset containing 73 madness songs donated by artists from around the word
King Hammond – Bed And Breakfast Man
Rude Boy George – Driving In My Car
Darren Fordham, Upforitness – Burning The Boats (Mother Rose Mix)
Matt Neill, Horace Panter – My Girl 2
The Originals, The Skamanians – If You Lose A Good Thing
The Inflatables – Believe Me
The Crooners – Shut Up
Billy Brown – Blue Skinned Beast
The Resonations – 1978
Cartoon Violence – House Of Fun
Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer – Ernie
Parallax Faction – Land Of Hope And Glory
The Rough Kutz – Mistakes
The Bighead – Embarrassment
Feckin Ejits – Cardiac Arrest
Martin Black – The Wizard
Andrew Crayford – The Harder They Come
The Values, Neil Innes, Mark Bedford – Madness (Unlimited Mix)
The Funaddicts – Tomorrow’s Just Another Day
Spahni’s Dub Dancers, Dennis Bovell – Death Of A Rude Boy
Sumudu – Sarah’s Song
Auto – Prospects
Esperanza – On The Town
System Of Hate – Stepping Into Line
Servers – Lovestruck
Theatre Of Ghosts – Walking With Mr Wheeze
The Bionic Rats – In The Rain
Special Brew – Forever Young
Sarah Graham – Shadow Of Fear
Ska Face – The Young And The Old
The Iconics – You Said
Skadogs – Uncle Sam
Paul Brightman – My Girl
Chas & Jane – Madness Is All In The Mind
The Maze – Michael Caine
Bim Skala Bim – Nightbooat To Cairo
Ed Rome, Bella – The Prince
The Crabs Corporation – he Opium Eaters
Maddy Carty – NW5
The Simmertones – Drip Fed Fred
Bluebird Parade – One Better Day
The Service – The Rise And Fall
Urang Matang, Jim Paterson – Madness (Nutty Mix)
Dirty Revolution – It Must Be Love
No Mataras – Our House
Big Fat Panda – Johnny The Horse
Skoisters – Benny Bullfrog
The Spritely Allstars – Misery
Carl Dawson – In The Middle Of The Night
Thierry Arnold, Judge Fredd – Patience
Porky The Poet, Terry Edwards – Keep Moving
The Smoggers – You’re Wonderful
Cabstars – Rockin’ In Ab
Lp6 – Shame And Scandal
Onex & Trax – Never Knew Your Name (Late Disco Edit)
Hotknives – Razor Blade Alley
Kingsize – (Waiting For The) Ghost Train
French Boutik – Tiptoes
Rocket Punch – Swan Lake
The Humanitarians – Grey Day
The Amphetameanies – The Sun And The Rain
Addictive Philosophy – Take It Or Leave It
The Evil Turkeys – In The City
Bombskare – Deceives The Eye
Sound Syndicate – Return Of The Los Palmos 7
Katalina Kicks – Yesterday’s Men
The Klank – Baggy Trousers
The Erin Bardwell Collective – Wings Of A Dove
Ska’lett – Crying Shame
Indeed – Burning The Boats
Swagga – Don’t Quote Me On That
The Kingston Ska Orchestra – One Step Beyond
The Wmr Allstars – Chipmunks Are Go


French Boutik - Tiptoes

The Bighead - Embarrasment

Cartoon Violence - House Of Fun

The Klank - Baggy Trousers

Ska Dogs - Uncle Sam

Madness drummer Woddy on Mad Not Cancer

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