Specialized 8 - Check One 2 the Spirit of 79

Brave creativity required.

A rejection of the popular and obvious routes. The understanding of what it is to be progressive and proudly out spoken. Innovators and creators and those who won’t settle for anything less than a challenge.

We’re looking for versions of the following

TT1 The Special AKA – Gangsters – TAKEN
TT2 The Selecter – The Selecter – TAKEN
CHS TT3 Madness – The Prince – TAKEN
CHS TT4 The Selecter – On My Radio – TAKEN
CHS TT5 The Specials (Featuring Rico) – A Message To You Rudy – TAKEN
CHS TT6 The Beat – Tears Of A Clown
CHS TT7 Elvis Costello – I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down – TAKEN
CHS TT7 The Special AKA – Too Much Too Young – TAKEN
CHS TT8 The Selecter – Three Minute Hero – TAKEN
CHS TT9 The Bodysnatchers – Let’s Do Rock Steady – TAKEN
CHS TT10 The Selecter – Missing Words – TAKEN
CHS TT11 The Specials – Rat Race – TAKEN
CHS TT12 The Bodysnatchers – Easy Life – TAKEN
CHS TT13 The Specials – Stereotype – TAKEN
CHS TT14 The Swinging Cats – Mantovani – TAKEN
CHS TT15 Rico – Sea Cruise – TAKEN
CHS TT16 The Specials – Do Nothing – TAKEN
CHS TT17 The Specials – Ghost Town – TAKEN
CHS TT18 Rhoda & The Special AKA – The Boiler – TAKEN
CHS TT19 Rico & The Special AKA – Jungle Music – TAKEN
CHS TT20 The Apollinaires – The Feeling’s Gone – TAKEN
CHS TT21 The Higsons – Tear The Whole Thing Down – TAKEN
CHS TT22 The Apollinaires – Envy The Love
CHS TT23 The Special AKA – War Crimes – TAKEN
CHS TT24 The Higsons – Run Me Down
CHS TT25 The Special AKA – Racist Friend – TAKEN
CHS TT26 The Special AKA – Nelson Mandela
CHS TT27 The Special AKA – What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend- TAKEN
CHS TT29 JB’s Allstars – The Alphabet Army


The Specials – The Specials
Already allocated from this album are:
Do the Dog – Dawning of a New Era – Too Much Too Young – Little Bitch – You’re Wondering Now – Concrete Jungle – It Doesn’t Make it Alright

The Selecter – Too Much Pressure
Already allocated from this album are:
Too Much Pressure – Murder – Every Day – Missing Words – Three Minute Hero – Time Hard

The Beat – I Just Can’t Stop It
Already allocated from this album are:
Twist & Crawl, Click Click

Madness – One Step Beyond
Already allocated from this album are:
In the Middle of the Night, Bed & Breakfast Man, Madness

Other tracks that have been agreed include
Bad Manners – Special Brew/King Ska Fa
Bad Manners – Inner London Violence
Madness – Night Boat to Cairo
Bodysnatchers – Easy Life
The Selecter – Time Hard
Rico – Sea Cruise
UB40 – One in Ten
UB40 – King
The Beat – Ranking Full Stop
The Swinging Cats – Mantovani
Dexys Midnight Runners – Geno
The Bodysnatchers – Ruder than you
Bad Manners – Here comes the major
The Specials – Friday Night Saturday Morning
The Beat – Mirror in the Bathroom
The Beat – Hands Off She’s Mine
The Specials – Hey Little Rich Girl
Bad Manners – Special Brew
Rico – That Man is Forward

Song allocation for our 2019 album has already begun. If you wish to be a part of our next album contact us here
Please include links for your website or Facebook page

Guidance for contributing bands here

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