Desorden Público

mixing ska, latin rock, reggae and traditional Latin music styles

When, in July 1985, some inexperienced boys, mainly inspired by the Jamaican ska and the Two Tone English movement, ripped and hammered for the first time before an audience their instruments in a beautiful mountain club called Junkolandia, nobody could predict that years later that same energy, that domestic effort of crazy “pelados”, would become one of the most definite and enduring musical manifestations of our urban culture. Public Disorder is today a familiar name for any Venezuelan who has a minimum contact not only with alternative currents, but even with the national mainstream; but it also constitutes one of the projects of greater reach and duration that have been seen in Latin America within the ska and the mestizo music.

With nine official albums to their credit, a DVD, several issues at the top of the record boards, two biographical books, innumerable presentations within the country, and not a few and important forays in the United States, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe, the band has achieved a consistency and prestige such that today, more than twenty years after its birth, there is no concert that is not overcrowded and a project that does not turn into success.

Their repertoire, made up almost entirely of original material, revolves basically around the Latin ska – a genre of which they are indisputable strongholds worldwide – but also walks through pop, rock, reggae and mestizo music.


Allá Cayo

El Año Viejo

Todo está muy Normal

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