Emigdio Suarez + La Superpower

Emigdio Suárez resumed his musical career, now as a soloist, Moving hips with reflection and complicity, always with Latin rhythms

They are two moments of his life. For 14 years, Emigdio Suárez composed songs, danced on platforms and accompanied the tours of Desorden Público. He was keyboardist and author of several pieces of the Caracas group that makes music from ska. Then, in 2003 he left the band to continue working as a producer and making music for television. Until silence came completely. “I retired,” he recalls.

Moving to Miami and dedicated to another life, “I began to meet many musicians, including Erik Aldrey, who is a tremendous producer.” With the also Venezuelan – whose career spanned more than two decades and whose credits include work with Los Amigos Invisibles, among others, and three nominations for the Latin Grammy Awards – he discussed collaborations, going back to school, imagining new pieces. “I showed him some messy and even chaotic ideas and when he heard them he said ‘I think we can do something, let’s see if we finish 3 or 4 songs’. But a very good atmosphere was created and we finished a complete album, “says Emigdio from Florida, in the United States, about his new album, Perro .


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