French Boutik

But the Franco­American quartet with three critically acclaimed and sold out EPs and now a new album

Front Pop, the highly anticipated debut album from Paris based French Boutik, is a revolutionary reference not only to the band’s assertive “pop moderniste” style but to the Front Populaire movement of the 1930s where the French workers successfully fought for basic rights, which are currently under attack by the government and being heavily resisted by the populace.

But the Franco­American quartet hopes that, after 3 critically acclaimed and sold out EPs on Copase Disques, and as assembled recently on CD compilations in the UK and Japan (“The Essential French Boutik” ­ Detour Records UK & Majestic Sound Recordings Japan), their debut album will be not be met with similar resistance!

The group did succumb to popular demand by finally recording a long player earlier on the year after a successful crowd funding.

After a few months of intense composing, the Boutik recorded in an intense week at Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! Studios Hamburg and is proud to present 10 single­worthy brand new compositions including crowd funding singles Le Mac and Hitch a Ride as well as one cover song, Je Ne Suis Là by Françoise Hardy, which is reworked in surprising but fitting Ennio Morricone style.

And the rest of the 11 song album? Well as usual it is difficult to describe: As Shindig Magazine puts it: “They call it PopModerniste. I call it bloody marvelous.”

What exactly is Pop Moderniste? A unique combination of influences ranging from 60s standards like Dutronc and the Kinks, to early punk and powerpop from XTC and the Jam, but with all the French Boutik trademarks : Unusual but catchy melodies, sharp French and English lyrics, strong harmonies, chiming and slightly psychedelic guitar and assertive bass and drums, all underscored with smooth Wurlitzer and Hammond organ sounds courtesy of guest Popincourt.

The new songs tackle diverse subjects including dodgy French politicians (Le Mac), depressing hospital stays (The Rent), businessmen fighting on train platforms (Costume Italien), ultra un­romantic online dating (Sur Mon Ecran), the ripped shirt of Air France’s layoff happy HR manager (La Chemise Déchirée), a failed factory break­in (Le Casse), bogus media “experts” (L’Expert), the beautiful vs not so beautiful people (Les Beaux et les Laids), an anthem to the
universal online past­times of debating politics and watching cat videos (Je Regarde Les Tigres), and even manage to work in a nice love song in English (Hitch a Ride).

Appropriately, England will be their first stop after the album’s release at the Paris Modernist Weekender, with the UK launch party planned for November 3rd with Lack of Afro at the 100 Club in London.

Resistance to the international pop revolution is futile!


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