Juantxo Skalari

After leading Ska Skalariak's Navarre band for more than 13 years, in 2008 Juantxo Skalari started experimenting with other projects

After leading Ska Skalariak’s Navarre band for more than 13 years, in 2008 Juantxo Skalari started the experimental project The Kluba, where he merged the Ska with the Rockabilly (Skabilly). At the end of 2012, after a bestial train tour across Europe offering improvised concerts at street level, in small shops or trains, Jsk publishes a book where he reviews his career so far. 18 years of music and message under the title -Jsk 1994-2012 “Messages, anti-songs and poems of kalle” –

From here, begins an unstoppable tour of presentation during 2013, which makes you travel through 8 different countries (Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Czech Republic …) and tour the best festivals of the State, a fifty dates in total. At the end of 2014 the album “Rude Station” was released, and coinciding with the 20 years of Skalari music, the Navarrese singer returns to the roots working with his brother Peio. This is how the Skalari sound returns, with the union in the studio of the two brothers, under the supervision of Kaki Arkarazo.

A tour that toured part of Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic …), which made different presentation Sold Out (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Berlin, Prague, Cologne …) and ended with a double Sold Out presentation of the new album in Mexico (Mexico City, Guadalajara) in front of more than 2,000 people.
During 2016 the already filmed “Skalari Rude Band” embarks on a new tour as a presentation of the new work “London Studio Session”. A single vinyl edition recorded at the Toe Rag studios (100% vintage), in London. All under the musical production and mix of Liam Watson, with a Grammy behind him, and known for different works in production for Madness and White Stripes.

The 2017 began with the release of the single-hit “Rudi Not Dead”, an advance of the new album “Rudi Records” expected for 2018. That tour whose single gave it its name (“Rudi Not Dead Tour”) claimed all that movement that has catapulted ska, rocksteady or reggae throughout its more than 50 years of history. That year Juantxo Skalari & La Rude Band made a new tour through Mexico (interrupted by an earthquake), memorable concerts like Barcelona in a Sala Apolo in maximum boiling, as well as the preparation of a new album that would enter its final phase of recording from the month of November.
Today, Juantxo Skalari has made more than a thousand concerts throughout his career of 24 years, has released 9 studio albums, 1 live, two documentaries on DVD, a book. and a single on vinyl.
2018 opens with a new album, recorded and mixed between London, Barcelona / Girona and Arbizu-Navarra and its corresponding presentation on a tour starting in February between Europe and Latin America (Mexico, Chile, Colombia, France, Italy …)

Juantxo Skalari

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