Lynval Golding And Contra Coup

Original Reggae with a little Ska on the side, coming from the spirit of the early punk scene.

The foundation of this eight-piece group is heavy drum and bass rhythms topped with sweet melodies and harmonies, all fusing with with the same bold originality that made the 1977 punk scene. While embracing roots reggae music, this band is by no means shy about expressing itself and its own experiences through the music.
Contra Coup formed as a band in November 2006 after several members of a temporary backing band, The Lonestar Rockers, completed a tour of the Southern United States with reggae legend Clinton Fearon (Studio One, The Gladiators, Balck Ark Studio). Inspired by Fearon’s authentic and original style, these musicians – former members of The Stingers ATX, Five Ton Chicken, Burning Spear’s Burning Band, and many others – gathered in a recording studio three months later to record “On Time”, their first full-length album, which was produced by Fearon. Four of the sixteen tracks are dub versions by Victor Rice, who has produced and mixed records for acts such as The Slackers, The Toasters, Rocker-T, and many more.

Since then, the band has released their second full length album, “Run For The Moon”, a handful of 7″ singles and their newest vinyl only E.P. “Radio Therapy”. The band continues to work with other artists. The latest collaboration with Lynval Golding, of The Specials, is a primary example of the spirit that the group came from.

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