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Punk's not dead, its just getting closer to it's pension.

In the scorching hot summer of 1976,
The perfect pop of Abba blazed a trail right through the year, Disco was becoming ubiquitous and i, for one, spent the entire summer listening to The Beach Boys (20 Golden Greats) and Band on the run!
All was innocence, music was normal, girls were another planet.
Then Punk happened!
New sounds started emerging from my (older) brother’s bedroom, urgent, vibrant, loud and totally engrossing sounds, a racket and a din is what my dad called it. It l was lured in, single by single, chorus by chorus and by the time The Stranglers released “No More Heroes” punk was over, so they say, and i was hooked”. (Neil – Drums)
This was undoubtedly the best time for rock music EVER!! The influences of this time can still be heard and seen across the musical board, Punk and New wave blew the cobwebs off the dusty rock that was clogging up the charts in a hail of spittle – hundreds of bands formed with new ideas and a total belief that whether they could play or not, they had something to say and now a platform to say it from;
This is the inspiration for The Fanzines, we just want to have some fun and at the same time keep these urgent, energetic, vital and most excellent songs in the limelight.

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