The Feckin Ejits

The feckin Ejits were formed in 1982, amidst the full on punk scene in Aylesbury. England.

The main venue in town being Friars had a regular stream of the top punk and 2tone bands coming through, so it only felt natural a local band should get involved. Largly due to the fact he couldn’t live in his home town of Bedford, because the local crew had a few run ins with the local authority. ( A riot) Released from jail the police oppression being to much, Aidan sniffing a bit of skirt found himself involved in the local Aylesbury scene. The explosion of Oi in 1981, saw punk move into a more aggressive street sound than the earlier Punk, so over a few beers, a few mates decided to form their own band, well it sounded like more fun than doing your dole cheque every week on someone elses gig. Des Bhatt- bass, Neil Ledbury- Guitar, Alex Morison – Guitar, Dave wood on drums and Aidan Sterling Lead shouter agreed that the time was right to bring something new to the punk scene

The musical influence based purelyon the stuff they liked to hear themselves, meaning 100mph punk, but with catchy sing along choruses, a sprinkling of psychobilly and a pinch of Irish folk. “Lets just play what we like hearing, if people don’t like it, well tough luck, we won’t last long” Says Aidan The Ejits didn’t intend to change the world. They weren’t looking for a revolution or to be featured in the latest Kings Road fashion magazine. If a few mates turned up had the Craic and the band got a few free beers in the process. Good enough result.

Aylesbury, not exactly brimming with high quality venues, one of the lads girlfriends worked in a coffee shop. Convincing the owner this band might be able to shift a few coffee’s, the owner agreed to some light entertainment. With a quid for the soundman entry fee, the doors opened to over 100 of the local punks and skinheads, Cider under the jacket, vodka down the girls knickers, the party began. The total of 6 songs were ready, but the crowd were going mental after the 20 min set was done, so the lads just cracked into rehearsal tunes, like Rupert the bear and knees up mother brown, then repeated the whole set again. The lads threw all they had into having a blast and enjoying themselves, and it rubbed off on every one, the beer flying, mental disorder at the front, and good natured aggression and grins. Word spread like wild fire, and within a few gigs people started showing up from all the surrounding areas, High Wycombe, Oxford, Reading, Bedford and London. They built up a large and loyal following of punks skinheads and flat tops with a bit of every other sort of youth too and the Ejit crew went everywhere the band did, taking their brand of knees up mayhem where ever they went.

They only released two tracks on an album. The Picket song and Ejit party, both on this is oi album (Link records) Mainly due to the fact that all the money they ever earned went on a few rounds with the very people who’d bought the tickets, there was never any money to go into studios and record. The band just blasted it out live, the crowd went mental, and everyone woke the next day in some squat surrounded by empty bottles, a few birds if they were lucky and all the local punks and skinheads Times moved on, and Like most bands there came a time when enough was enough and in 1987 the Ejits last stand was performed, A farewell gig and a thank you to everyone who had bought the t shirts ,boarded the coaches, fought ,fucked, got pissed with the lads, jumped on stage jumped on the band and had the savage Craic. Over 450 turned up and the night was deadly, a film crew were paid to capture it all for posterity, but of course, in true Ejit style they filmed the disco the support band, the bouncers and bar staff but forgot to turn the camera on for the Feckin Ejits themselves. All that was captured is a few encores with the roadies singing and Dave the drummer with Alex on stage. The rest of the band were in the audience grinning and dancing like loonies with the crowd, going out the way they came in with a noisy 100mph knees up…..1234 Ejits are go!!!

The Ejits reformed in 2014 to honour the passing of Passing of Alex Morison guitarist and writer with the feckin Ejits like most bands of that time we were in it purely for the craic and we certainly had plenty of that. But i personally believe Alex could have done so much better but he was dedicated to his job of being a nurse and that came first . Some of the hook lines and lyrics we wrote together still ring round my head sadly we had very little recorded so what folk hear is just what the years have let us keep, someone somewhere has old cassettes of the ejits i just hope i can find em to show what a class writer the boy was.

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