Big One 6 - First artists announced

The Big One, our award winning festival has grown year after year. Now in our 6th year we're delighted to announce that the following bands will be appearing at The Big One 6

Rick Buckler

As one-third of The Jam, Rick Buckler was more than just the group’s phenomenally accomplished and historically under-rated drummer. He was more than just the man at the back. His role was central, his view un-obscured. on stage, Paul Weller always stood off to his right, and Bruce Foxton off to his left, and that allowed Rick to be thecentre stage of The Jams live performances.
Fans came to know as much. The Jam, to the legions of followers who took them from supposed punk-rock gang in 1978 to the vanguard of the Mod revival and top of the charts in 1980, where they stayed until their break-up at the end of 1982, were always very much a three-piece. It was Paul, Bruce and Rick that made the group such a frightening proposition on stage and such an enticing one in the studio.
You can meet Rick and ask your questions at this rare Q&A and photo signing session at the Big One 6.

The Toasters

The boom of the third wave Ska scene in America is due to extraordinary impact of the Toasters.
British expatriate Rob “Bucket” Hingley formed the Toasters in New York City in 1982 after discovering that the 2 Tone ska he loved had made virtually no inroads into the American music scene. He turned USA ska on its head by forming Moon Ska Records
With untiring tours through Europe and their the Toasters have built a solid fanbase over here, have infected newcomers and have made Ska popular outside of the scene. The dynamic, demanding sound, their very own ‘East Side Beat’, underlines their version of Ska as urban music: outstanding horn players, a heavy grooving rhythm section, Jack Ruby’s toasting and Bucket’s forceful singing add a special flavour to the Reggae- and Jazz-accentuated songs as well as to the ‘classic’ uptempo-Ska and Rock-influenced tunes. And this is why the band has not lost any of its charisma after 10 albums and 2.500 shows.

The Members

The Members talk our language. They write lyrics without pretension but still resonate with us all. They were the sound of the suburbs that I lived in
In 1978/79 The Members were stalwarts the London pub and club circuit, became a feature in the music press and were championed by John Peel. They signed to Virgin Records in 1978, for which label they recorded “The Sound of the Suburbs”, produced by Steve Lillywhite. This became The Members’ biggest chart success and their best-known song in the UK. The follow-up single, “Offshore Banking Business”, a reggae tune written by JC Carroll.
In 2015, the band began work on their fifth studio album in studios in London and West Byfleet featuring a nucleus of Carroll, Cash, Payne and Bennett together with guest appearances from Guy Pratt and former Jam guitarist Steve Brookes.
They have recently embarked on there 40th anniversary tour and we delighted that includes The Big One 6

Roddy Radiation and The Skabilly Rebels

Next up this man needs little introduction. Specialized president, ex Specials legend and the man who invented Ska-Punk. Roddy Radiation and The Skabilly Rebels RocknRoll meets ska with bone crunching style high octane original material and Specials classics delivered in the unique skabilly style.
After The Specials split in 1981, he re-emerged with The Tearjerkers, a band that he had begun in the last months of The Specials. The Tearjerkers were signed up by Chiswick Records in 1982, and released their debut single “Desire”
The Bonediggers were formed shortly after the Tearjerkers ended in 1987. The band released a self-titled album on Rimshot Records the following year with a rawer, hard-edged rockabilly sound. The Bonediggers would transition into The Raiders, shortly before Byers reunited with several members of the Specials to form The Specials MK2.
Byers was an essential part of ‘The Specials 2′, who formed in the early 1990s after teaming up with Desmond Dekker for the King of Kings album. After The Specials 2, Byers worked with the acoustic project, Three Men & Black, which consisted of Jean Jacques Burnel (The Stranglers), Jake Burns (Stiff Little Fingers), Pauline Black (The Selecter), Bruce Foxton (The Jam) and Dave Wakeling (The Beat, General Public) and Nick Welsh (Skaville UK).
Byers’ current band, The Skabilly Rebels released their debut album ‘Blues Attack’ at the end of 2009 and toured throughout the UK and the United States

The Paradimes

Joining us on Sunday 12th. The Paradimes are a reggae and ska band using the traditional styles of the 60’s and 70’s reggae and ska legends in todays era of music. The Paradimes are an original reggae and ska band, writing their own material which has spanned over more than 10 years of playing together, with the song writing abilities going from strength to strength. The catchy musical and singing melodies have made this band a winner in their field and are always a real crowd pleaser.

The Crombies

If you don’t dance to The Crombies, you don’t dance! Chicago’s 2-Tone champs recorded their debut album for Jump Up Records and it’s a masterclass! Formed in 2010 by ex-members of Deals Gone Bad and Lord Mikes Dirty Calypsonians with a very simple idea – start out as a 2-TONE cover band the later create 2-Tone versions of songs that have that ska potential! Original DGB singer “Lord” Mike Park once again was on the case and recruited a top notch troop that included ex-DGB keyboard player Karl Gustafson, DGB guitarist Dave Simon, Vee Sonnets on lead guitar, Jason Berry on bass, and Matt Meuzelaar on drums. The band’s first 2-Tone’d studio cut was Niny the Observer’s “Blood & Fire” released on a limited edition 7″ single, with a new version of the classic DGB song “Mat at the World” on the flip. It was an instant hit, the single got dance floors moving all across the world!


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