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Have you ever felt compelled to help someone – a gut reaction as you witnessed a struggle and recognized that you were capable of support?

Whether it is a person stumbling on the street or falling on hard times because of illness, whether it is someone close to us or a complete stranger – our first impulse is to help.
Even though all of us would like to think that our sense of wellbeing, freedom, and personal accomplishments are the results of our own efforts, we know that none of these realities are possible without certain essential material conditions: food, clean water, shelter, basic healthcare and stability.
Those in need are having to rely more and more Non-government organizations to provide support but Specialized isn’t about politics. it’s about commonality…. people and community, A community of talented musicians, artists, film makers, events promoters using music as a platform to help the communities in which they live. Providing them support and resources. It has never been about us …it’s about you
Specialized works with three diverse charities that supports, changes and saves lives
The next album in our boxset will be ‘Boss. A tribute to Original Sounds. A four-disc CD Boxset celebrating the best original ska, performed by bands from across the world. Watch out for gigs across the UK, Europe and Australia and join us for the Big One Festival in November.
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