UPDATE: Information if you have Pre-Ordered Gifted

We've made Gifted available for pre-sale in August. This means that we've given the opportunity to reserve a copy of the album prior to manufacture.

The CD is now being manufactured and as a charitable album they are fitting us in around their order book. We’re told that this may take a little over a week. When we have received them they’ll be a team of volunteers ready to get them straight into the post. Thanks for your patience.

What is a Pre-Order?
A pre-order is an order placed for an item that has not yet been released. It is standard practice in the music industry. The idea for pre-orders came because people found it hard to get popular items in stores because of their popularity. Companies then had the idea to allow customers to reserve their own personal copy before its release, which has been a huge success. For charity releases it is a means of crowdfunding, particularly when the charity gives all of it’s income to the causes it supports.
Pre-orders allow consumers to guarantee immediate shipment on release, manufacturers can gauge how much demand there will be and thus the size of initial production runs, and sellers can be assured of minimum sales.

Preorder Gifted a Tribute to The Jam

Since 2012, the Specialized Project has released five highly acclaimed tribute albums. We’ve celebrated The Specials, The Beat, Madness, The Clash and most recently Bob Marley. Gifted, a tribute to The Jam is the sixth tribute album produced by Specialized.

Disc One
Duke and The Boogaloo Band feat. George Grant – I’m Different Now
The Iscatels – Its Too Bad
The Ozskas – Takin My Love
The Amphetameanies – Funeral Pyre
The Funaddicts – Monday
Wotka Trawolta – All around the world
The Crombies – Girl on the Phone
Big Fat Panda – In the City
The Pressure Tenants – Strange Town
The Meow Meows – Down in the tube station at Midnight
Atsushi and the Moisties – Happy Together
The Big – Start
The Vespbrettas – I got by in Time
Lynval Golding & Contra – Tales From The Riverbank
Men Of North Country – Circus
The Valkyrians – Beat Surrender

Disc Two

The Protesters – That’s Entertainment
The Spammed – To Be Someone
The Reaction – A Bomb in Wardor Street
Missing Andy – Absolute beginners
French Boutik – The Place I love
The Gallerys – Scrape Away
Button Up – The Bitterest Pill
les Soucoupes Violentes – London Girls
Entre-Knobs – Wasteland
The Highwasters – Private Hell
Smash – Mr Clean
The Wainstones – Boy About Town
The Riff – Carnation
Popincourt – Tonight at Noon
The Klank – Modern World
The Sound Of Pop Art – Shopping
Indeed – Burning Sky

Disc Three

Millie Manders & the Shut Up – Pretty Green
Rough Kutz – butterfly collector
Operation Offbeat – 5 O clock hero
Los Chickléts – Saturday’s Kids
Ten Bob Notes – man in the Corner shop
Levi – News of the World
Inflatables – In the Crowd
lennymacartney – In The Street Today
6foot7 – Set the House Ablaze
Addictive Philosophy – Little Boy Soldiers
Mutha Luvin Chimps – I Need You
The Fanzines – Heatwave
The Greazy Ratz – Art School
The Fecking Ejits – Thick as Thieves
Brandon Le Bolt & The Illusion Shed – Bricks & Mortar
Plasmajam – All Mod Cons

Disc Four

Bluebird Parade – Transglobal Express
John Wheeler – Eton Rifles
Da Lata featuring Floetic Lara – Going Underground
Rude Boy George – Town Called Malice
The Skapones – Smithers Jones
Girlsgoska – David Watts
The Millmen – Time for Truth
The Decatonics – Standards
King Hammond – I Got By In Time
The Erin Bardwell Collective – English Rose
Urang Matang – Ghosts
Mark Adams – The Gift
The Navarones – When You’re Young
Toy Tin Soldier – Liza Radley
Steve Thompson – Dream Time
The Bighead – Away from the numbers

Preorder Gifted a Tribute to The Jam

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