Specialized Previous Years

Below you will find Specialized events from previous years.

Specialized 7 - 2018

2018 will bring our seventh tribute album. Gigs in Europe Australia and our annual three day festival in November

Specialized 6 - 2017

Gifted, a tribute to The Jam - The Big One 6 Ska Festival - Specialive events across the UK - Specialized Australia

Specialized 5 - 2016

Specialized 5 theme for 2016 is a tribute to Bob Marley & the Wailers

Specialized 4 - 2015

Combat Cancer is the accumulation of the work of over 400 musicians, engineers and producers.

Specialized 3 - 2014

Into 2014, and Specialized 3 move to the stalwarts of UK music and 2Tone legends Madness

Specialized 2 - Beat Teenage Cancer - 2013

In 2013 we moved onto Specialized 2- Beat Teenage Cancer. This years album would feature the songs of The Beat.

Specialized 1 – A Modern take on Specials classics - 2012

Specialized was first conceived in September 2011 after its creator Paul Williams saw a TV programme about the care of young people on the NHS.

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