Everything we've released between 2012 and 2018

An amazing collection containing hundreds of covers of songs by The Specials, The Beat, Madness, The Clash, Bob Marley, The Jam and Trojan Records. All seven albums & more

The Complete Specialized Collection on USB

This is a USB memory stick containing hundreds of MP3's covering all the releases by The Specialized Project
Specialized 1 - Special-ized - A Modern Take on Specials’ Classics
Speicalized 2 - 'Beat Teenage Cancer' a tribute to The Beat
Specialized 3 - 'Mad Not Cancer' a tribute to Madness
Specialized 4 - Combat Cancer, a tribute to The Clash
Specialized 5 - One Heart - a tribute to Bob Marley
Specialized 6 - Gifted, a tribute to The Jam
Specialized 7 - Boss a Tribute to the Original Sounds of Ska

Dance Crazy = A live tribute to the classic Two Tone album
The Wolfman Sessions
Oi Not Cancer
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