Preorder 'Gifted' a Tribute to The Jam

462 musicians from 14 Countries have come together to pay tribute to one of Britain's most seminal bands

Gifted a tribute to The Jam

Available for pre-order from 7pm on the 9th of August 2017.
For UK postings please include £4
For mainland Europe £5.50
Outside of Europe £6.50

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Disc One
Duke and The Boogaloo Band feat. George Grant - I'm Different Now
The Iscatels - Its Too Bad
The Ozskas - Takin My Love
The Amphetameanies - Funeral Pyre
The Funaddicts - Monday
Wotka Trawolta - All around the world
The Crombies - Girl on the Phone
Big Fat Panda - In the City
The Pressure Tenants - Strange Town
The Meow Meows - Down in the tube station at Midnight
Atsushi and the Moisties - Happy Together
The Big - Start
The Vespbrettas - I got by in Time
Lynval Golding & Contra - Tales From The Riverbank
Men Of North Country - Circus
The Valkyrians - Beat Surrender

Disc Two

The Protesters - That's Entertainment
The Spammed - To Be Someone
The Reaction - A Bomb in Wardor Street
Missing Andy - Absolute beginners
French Boutik - The Place I love
The Gallerys - Scrape Away
Button Up - The Bitterest Pill
les Soucoupes Violentes - London Girls
Entre-Knobs - Wasteland
The Highwasters - Private Hell
Smash - Mr Clean
The Wainstones - Boy About Town
The Riff - Carnation
Popincourt - Tonight at Noon
The Klank - Modern World
The Sound Of Pop Art - Shopping
Indeed - Burning Sky

Disc Three

Millie Manders & the Shut Up - Pretty Green
Rough Kutz - butterfly collector
Operation Offbeat - 5 O clock hero
Los Chickléts - Saturday's Kids
Ten Bob Notes - man in the Corner shop
Levi - News of the World
Inflatables - In the Crowd
lennymacartney - In The Street Today
6foot7 - Set the House Ablaze
Addictive Philosophy - Little Boy Soldiers
Mutha Luvin Chimps - I Need You
The Fanzines - Heatwave
The Greazy Ratz - Art School
The Fecking Ejits - Thick as Thieves
Brandon Le Bolt & The Illusion Shed - Bricks & Mortar
Plasmajam - All Mod Cons

Disc Four

Bluebird Parade - Transglobal Express
John Wheeler - Eton Rifles
Da Lata featuring Floetic Lara - Going Underground
Rude Boy George - Town Called Malice
The Skapones - Smithers Jones
Girlsgoska - David Watts
The Millmen - Time for Truth
The Decatonics - Standards
King Hammond - I Got By In Time
The Erin Bardwell Collective - English Rose
Urang Matang - Ghosts
Mark Adams - The Gift
The Navarones - When You're Young
Toy Tin Soldier - Liza Radley
Steve Thompson - Dream Time
The Bighead - Away from the numbers



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