Guidance for musicians taking part in our tribute albums

For bands contributing songs for our tribute albums, below is a PDF guide that we hope will answer any questions you may have.

we’ve had a lot of positive response for artists that brought a lesser track to life in a way that gave
compliment to their ability and highlighted them as a quality outfit on the album.
We truly appreciate that this is costing you in many ways and we’re extremely thankful for
what you’re doing but please bear in mind the following. Thousands of bands have already
covered The Jam so there’s nothing remarkable in what we’re doing so let’s have some
considered interpretations of these songs.

What is the deadline for submission?

May 30th 2017

Does the track have to be the same as the original?
No, not at all. we encourage original arrangements

Can we pick the track ourselves?

We allocate the tracks but we are open to suggestions and we only accept submissions that we have allocated and officially confirmed. It’s possibly that your first suggestion may already be allocated so please be patient with track allocations. Many people will request the most famous tracks so a top tip would be to pick a lesser known track.

Preferably recorded at 24 – bit/44.1kHz (16 bit if you’re submitting a fully mastered track). Our preferred format is 24 -bit stereo WAV (or Broadcast WAV). But we can accept stereo or dual – mono dat a files in the following formats: AIFF, SDII, CAF, BWF, and WAV. The sampling rate should be the native sampling rate of your recording and mixing project. Do not sample rate convert. Our recommendation is for you to record and mix at either 44.1kHz, or 96kHz. Forget about 48kHz and 88.2kHz.16 – bit is acceptable, but 24 – bit is a much, much better idea.
Mp3’s should be 320 kbit/s.
Can we use an existing track?
We normally only select recordings which have been made purposely for the album and are therefore unique to the album in some way.

Can we release the track ourselves?
Please don’t during the campaign. A lot of bands ask to do this and it’s only right to have that sort of pride. We are asking for exclusivity for the campaign. After the campaign is over please do as you see fit and many bands do.

Who arranges the copyright clearance?
We have made all arrangements with the copyright owners, however this is licence is only for the Gifted album. If you wish to use your recording after the campaign is over, you’ll need to make your own arrangements.

How much of the profits goes to the charities?
That’s simple…. All of it

We also respectfully ask that you observe the following:
 Please do not post your tracks online prior to the release date (clips are fine but limit these at 50%)
 Please do promote your involvement but perhaps wait until you’ve recorded your track
 We are all giving our time voluntarily. Please respect that we have day jobs and can’t always respond immediately.

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