Kevin Scottie Hunt


Born at a very early age and raised at his mothers knee (and other low joints) Kevin “Scottie” Hunt spent his youth listening to good ol punk rock and ska.

Scottie even had a go at singing for a while fronting anacho punk band symbol of freedom, realising after a few years he couldn’t sing a note . Being a part of the south wales scooter scene scottie joined up with 2 mates to put on events and gigs under the name of The Fat jesters the best of which is scooters in the sun (now in its 7th year ) Wanting to get more into the music scene (and realising he still cant sing ) he set up All systems go records with fellow herbert Nick Sheldon releasing albums by Specialized supporters Skalett and The Evil Turkeys as well as skinhead legends The Oppressed amongst others While trying to save money at gigs and events Scottie and Nick had a bash at djing and found that after a few of our own events we were asked to dj at others supporting people such as Anti nowhere league ,Nick Welsh,The Oppressed as well as our highlight the big one 3. This is how we teamed up with Rude boy promotions led by Specialized supporter Wayne Uggy Campbell putting on the Cardiff specialized events together . All systems go (with the help of fellow Specialized advocate Wayne Campbell) now put on monthly gigs at a local nightclub and have a specialized bucket collection and raffle at every event

What does Specialized mean to Scottie ? It’s a very important part of his life, as well as being a way of listening to great bands old and new it gives a focus on his fundraising (something he has done with Symbol of freedom,The Fat jesters and All Systems go) .Since his involvement with Specialized he has lost both his uncle and his father to cancer which has made him more determined and committed to support the project and is currently working on “something different” for the new specialized cd …

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