Sally Gillard

SpecialOz’d Project Director

Sally G is an ex pat from Kent, now living in Sydney Australia. A successful business woman, innovator and author with a passion for Ska.

From the moment she heard about the Specialized project she knew in her heart that she needed to bring the sounds, energy, love and good will of the project to Australian shores.
After hounding Paul Williams for a few years about her idea, she then attended The Big One 5, and that was the conduit she needed to propel her towards her dream.
With zip experience in promoting and very little event management skills this was (as she puts it) a HUGE task, but she’s a gutsy woman and approaches every challenge with passion, dedication and a lot of hard work.
In 2017, her dream was realised with the inaugural SpecialOz’d – a 9 hour skank fest that saw ska bands from the different states of Australia uniting in Sydney for the cause.
SpecialOz’d is set to get bigger and better every year, raising funds for Canteen

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